Foreigners in the Southeast of the DR
If you're a "full-time foreigner" here in the DR, like me, I'd really appreciate it if you considred me for your IT, Tech, Computer, and Web Development work. You can contact me here. If you're considering starting a hotel or motel in Boca Chica I'd be right up your alley as a Web developer: I've scoped out and obtained a number of online "properties" all of which either previously were hotel or motel websites in the Dominican Republic, or were otherwise related in terms of text and language and content of the website to the DR.
There are quite a few foreigners living in the Boca Chica area on a full-time basis. Many own and run small businesses to support themselves. It would be good if they could share information and resources. Hence, the references to other sites on this page. If you need a web design company in Boca Chica I'd recommend myself. Boca Chica is about about 30 km east of Santo Domingo in the southeast of the Dominican Republic (actually it should be considered part of Santo Domingo, it is just not part of the District National/Distrito Nacional).

The hotel site that used to be located at this address has since (apparently) given up the ghost. At any rate, this domain had value and I believe that as Expat business owners we should help each other if we can. If you'd like you can contact me regarding your Boca Chica tourist hotel idea and I could set you up with a site that delivers new customers.

An increasing number of expat businesses in the Boca Chica and Santo Domingo area are looking for other expatriates, such as myself (yep, I'll toot my own horn just a little bit), to set up their local network, connect computers, configure their routers and switches in their local area network (LAN), and perform other network administrator and system administrator functions locally in Boca Chica and in other districts of Santo Domingo as well. Recently I replaced a number of parts in a quite old (over ten years) Mac. Do you need your Macbook, Mac Pro Tower, or iMac repaired? Perhaps you want to check to see if you have a problem with your RAM or the chipset on your motherboard can accomodate some other component which you want to install? Perhaps you love reading this content. And perhaps you'd prefer to cut to the chase about this computer repair and web development business and talk to Rob: for computer repair in Santo Domingo and the Dominican Republic.